The difference between good and great is only in the details.

- Favorite quote of Chef Muhammad Fairoz, Co-Owner SUSU Dessert Bar

What is rolled ice cream?

We are making ice cream from scratch right before your eyes. We start with a super fresh custard base (in liquid form), pour it onto our anti-griddle (translate: EXTREMELY COLD SUB-ZERO TEMPERATURE) surface, turn it, mash it, and chop it, then spread it out and roll it into spirals. This process takes about 60 seconds. Science. Pretty cool, huh?

What's that liquid?

That’s our ice cream base we're pouring onto our machine. We pride ourselves on creating premium quality custard ice cream from scratch. Ice cream is made with four simple elements: cream, milk, sugar, and eggs. Of course, the magic ratio for SÜSU Rolled Ice Cream is our little secret. We also use 100% all-natural ingredients in every ice cream flavor you’ll find on our menu, from whole vanilla bean, to cocoa, to organic teas, flowers, and produce.

Isn't that a lot of work to make ice cream?

Did you know that in the 1700's ice cream was made using the pot-freezer method? This basically involved a pot within a pot, a bunch of rock salt, ice, and sweetened (or unsweetened) cream. It took four hours to freeze the mixture. Then, in 1843 a woman named Nancy Johnson came along and patented the first hand-crank ice cream machine. This was a huge improvement over the old method, but still took 30 minutes to hand-turn the ice cream...and you still had to buy a bunch of rock salt and ice. These days, many of us have at-home ice cream makers, but after the initial 20 minutes in the ice cream machine you still have to leave it in your freezer for at least 2 hours before you can eat it. Who wants to wait for ice cream? So, all things being relative, our method of making ice cream doesn't seem so hard after all!

What makes SÜSU different?

SÜSU is chef owned. The owner and creative force behind SÜSU has studied and worked in five star hotels and several Michelin Star French restaurants. Our menu is unique on purpose! You can find oreo ice cream anywhere, right? But where else are you going to find inspired flavors like Goat Cheese with Balsamic Reduction and Fig, Earl Grey with Togarashi, or Durian Serawa with Mozzarella? We urge you to be adventurous!

Is all rolled ice cream created equal?

No! At SÜSU we make REAL ice cream. However, most rolled ice cream worldwide is created using a soft serve mix, either in powder or liquid form, which is only 3-6% butterfat. Why? That’s how they make it in Thailand, where rolled ice cream originated, and we’ve found most shops are following suit. It’s the easy way. But we’re not here for “easy.” We’re here to give you a streetside fine dining dessert that you won’t soon forget.

Does the menu ever change?

Absolutely. Every 2-3 weeks we unveil an all new menu. We spend a lot of time experimenting with new flavor combinations, and many of our menu items are influenced from our travels in Europe and Southeast Asia. If there’s anything on our menu you’ve never heard of...don’t worry, you’re not alone! Please ask questions, we love to share information about our menu and the story of SÜSU.

Is there a vegan option?

Yes! We offer a coconut ice cream that is dairy free and egg free. Vegan and lactose sensitive folks should get to experience SÜSU Rolled Ice Cream as well.

Is SÜSU a franchise?

Nope. SÜSU is co-owned by Chef Muhammad Fairoz A.R. and his partner, Katie Pohl. We opened June, 2016 and hope to continue rolling up our exquisite desserts for the greater Seattle area as long as you'll keep eating them!